Bonuses that Get You Real Money

If you are looking to make money online, chances are you've considered online gambling. But did you know that there are ways to make reaching your goal easier than you think?

Bonuses that Get You Real Money

Online casinos want to get you playing and keep you playing. This fact stacks up in your favor because of this little thing called "bonuses." With bonuses, you can not only make real money online, but you can also give yourself that edge you've been looking for.

No Deposit Bonuses

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With no deposit bonuses, you can enjoy the benefits of online betting - aka making money - without spending any of your own. These are usually found as sign-up incentives and are worth looking into.

Some examples of no deposit promotions include:

  • Complimentary Spins - Sometimes, casinos give you a certain number of complimentary spins on a virtual slot machine. This no deposit offer is often limited to certain slots.
  • Free Credit - Other times, you might receive free credit when you make a first-time profile online. This "cash" is usually not cashable but can be wagered to earn real money.
  • Bonus Play - Finally, some casinos offer bonus play that is either limited by time or to a specific table game, for example.

Extra Spins

There are additional promotions that can be accessed if you are willing to put some of your own cash down. Some websites will offer extra spins, usually with a set maximum wager, that can be redeemed once you make a minimum deposit.

Extra Cash

Like the extra spins, extra cash can only be claimed once you put down a deposit. This deal is usually expressed in a percentage, say 200%. That means that if you put down $50, you will receive an additional $100. Casinos will often limit the maximum amount that they will match.

Other Promotions

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While the bonuses mentioned above are often given as welcome gifts, there are other offers to be aware of as well.

  • Loyalty - While accessing the new player awards is enticing, it also pays to be loyal. Once you find a casino that you like, stick around, and maybe you will finally get that anniversary gift you've been waiting your life for.
  • Weekly - In addition to rewarding you for being in it for the long haul, casinos often offer all their patrons weekly deals. These can either be once a week or, as is often the case, special offers for certain days of the week (Free Spin Friday has a nice ring to it, don't you think?).
  • Referral - While wagering your friend's money is not advisable, inviting your friend to gamble online with you is often rewarding, in more ways than one. Not only will you gain a buddy in a mutually enjoyable hobby, but most casinos also offer referral promos.

There are many more bonuses to be had, and a lot to learn about each, but hopefully, you are now at the place where you understand some of the lingo and can make these sweet bonuses make you real money.